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Online Web Design Courses

Quality web design is in huge demand and the demand for web designers seems to grow every day. You can learn to build beautiful looking fully functional websites that people are prepared to pay good sums of money for. What you need is a quality guide to show you how, so that you can maximise your time building sites that stand out.

There are many different systems and programs that can help you build websites. WordPress, Dreamweaver and SharePoint are all programs that can help you build fully functional sites, while HTML, Java, flash and JQuery are all programming languages that you may need to call upon at some time. The key though is to get a thorough understanding of web site design and how to create effective websites.

We recommend our Certificate in designing effective websites course, which will give you a thorough grounding in website design and introduce you to the important concepts of form versus function, the website planning process, interface design, site structure, CSS and font embedding and writing for the web.

This course is designed to help you create effective responsive websites and is suitable for people who already have a working knowledge of how to create a web page.  

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