Online Veterinary Courses

Have you ever thought of becoming a veterinary assistant, or maybe a zookeeper?
These interesting jobs offer rewards on a daily basis for the care of animals. These jobs have great benefits for animal lovers. There is growing demand for veterinary assistants, you don’t need a degree – you help people by helping animals, you can learn something new every day and you have the opportunity to work in a unique place like a zoo, aquarium or a wildlife reserve.

We offer three levels of Veterinary assistant’s course that will equip you to work within veterinary hospitals and associated places. These courses are designed by a veterinary surgeon and cover all the necessary skills you need to work as a veterinary assistant. You will learn

  • Pet nutrition
  • Neutering and spaying
  • What vaccinations cats and dogs need
  • How to deal with the emotional issue of pet euthanasia
  • How to protect yourself from hazards and infection

Veterinary hospitals are small businesses and you will be given a complete understanding of the business operations of the veterinary hospital including how to market and promote its services.

If working with animals appeals to you we have a course that will help you get in to the world of animal care.

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