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Comprehensive Teaching Skills Courses

Teaching is a great vocation. Helping people to learn about and understand the world we live in is wonderfully rewarding. Like any other profession, teachers need to polish and refine their skills to adapt and adjust to circumstances that they are confronted with. Special situations and opportunities present to teachers regularly and being prepared to meet those challenges is a step well worth taking before the moment arises.

We have courses available in integrating technology, teaching English as a second language, teaching students with AHD, teaching students with learning disabilities and teaching writing.

These courses provide practical solutions to real teaching problems that you are likely to encounter in your teaching career.  

f you are not a qualified teacher and would like to become involved in education, our Certificate IV in Education Support Teacher’s Aide will provide you with a nationally accredited certificate that will provide you with a legitimate pathway into the exciting world of education. This course will qualify you as a teacher’s aide and give you the inside running on many other education related jobs like Headmaster’s assistant and school registrar.

Whatever your teaching skills need we have a course that will suit you.

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