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Online Pet Care Courses

A pet can provide great comfort and joy .to families and single owners alike. Pets are known to reduce stress and to improve owner’s mental health. Caring for pets properly is not as simple as feeding and watering them. Properly caring for your pets be they cats, dogs, rabbits or something more exotic requires planning and knowledge.

Our Pet Care online course will give you a thorough grounding in caring for a variety of pets from cats and dogs to hamsters, rodents and even reptiles. You will learn everything that a responsible pet owner should know. How to feed and cage your pet, hygiene, health care and what legal obligations that you have. It’s all covered in an easy to understand online course broken down into short lessons.

If you are a cat or dog owner, you may prefer our courses specific to cat and dog ownership, which give you in depth training that will help you care for your cat or dog the right way. Our Cat Psychology and Training Online Course will not only teach you to care for your cat but help you to understand all those quirky aspects of your cat’s behaviour. While our Dog Care Online course will prepare you to look after your dog in all aspects from hygiene through to behaviour.

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