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Online Language Courses

There are many advantages to being able to speak one or more foreign languages. Aside from the obvious comfort of being able to converse in a foreign land, language skills open employment opportunities in many fields. There are opportunities for interpreters, teachers, tutors and nannies who speak a foreign language.

Choosing a foreign language may depend upon your travel plans or career goals. A course in a conversational foreign language will give you a firm grasp of the basics of the language you choose. We have conversational courses in Japanese, French, Spanish and Italian. These courses are designed to assist you to converse in basic everyday situations and will give you an ability to converse in that language.

For many people English is a foreign language. Our Easy English Online Courses are perfect for helping people get the language skills that will help them communicate properly in everyday situations.

Teaching English as a second language is a growing industry and there will be continued demand for qualified teachers of English as a second language (TESOL). Teaching English as a second language can be a challenging and rewarding past time. Our Certificate in Introduction to Teaching ESL/EFL Online Course can show you how to teach vocabulary, how to teach grammar, how to teach writing, how to teach reading and how to assess students.

Adding the ability to speak a foreign language to your resume will increase your job prospects and increase your self confidence in a variety of situations. Take the first step today and enrol in one of our language courses.

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