Online K-12 Teachers & Administrators Courses

Education is the growth industry of the twenty first century. K-12 teachers and administrators will be constantly in demand as society will continue to look to primary and secondary education to provide the very best education foundations for our youth. Teaching our youth the skills necessary to succeed in the twenty first century is an exciting and challenging career.

Opportunities for K-12 (teachers from Kindergarten to year 12) teachers and administrators will continue to grow as competition between educators will grow more fierce for student places. Good teachers and administrators will have great employment choices and options from kindergarten right through to senior secondary school levels.

A great place to start your K-12 teaching or administration career is with our Certificate in Introduction to Teaching ESL/EFL course. This short six week course will give you a great understanding of teaching English as a second language. You will learn vital aspects of teaching English including how to teach grammar, how to teach reading, how to teach writing and how to teach spelling. It is a great foundation course to start a career in the K-12 education industry.

Teaching is a rewarding and fulfilling career. You can make a start today by enrolling in the Introduction to teaching ESL/EFL course and obtain a TESOL certificate within only six weeks.

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