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Online Journalism Courses

Journalism is a highly exciting and rewarding career path, and if you have a desire to get to the bottom of every story, then a career as a journalist may be just what you’re looking for. If people compare your relentless nature of finding the truth to that of a sniffer dog, stop wasting precious time and relieve some of that curiosity by completing our Introduction to Journalism Short Course – perhaps in conjunction with one of the many writing courses we have on offer.

For people that are fated to follow their passions as a journalist, a short course is the best place to start. These courses are designed by industry professionals, and the Introduction to Journalism is an ideal way to get your foot in the door. The focus of these courses is to immerse your inquiring mind slowly into the discovery of the basic elements of journalistic concepts. These concepts will help you discover what is expected of you, how to determine what you need to improve on and what level your writing skills are sitting at. By the end of this introduction course, you’ll be able to comprehend the basics of journalism, Develop and expand on your own configuration skills and style and be able to effectively write and assemble content and articles.

A career in journalism can take you in many directions – the choice is yours.

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