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Online Horticulture Courses

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Online Horticulture Courses

Do you want a green thumb? A career in horticulture is a guarantee of lifelong work in either a small or a large capacity. This branch of agriculture deals with the science, technology art and business of cultivating plants, including flowers and ornamental species. We rely on horticulturalists to provide invaluable knowledge to the food production industries, nursery industries and landscaping industries. The mushroom growing, seaweed, algae and aquatic plant, as well as non-food crop industries also rely on skilled horticulturalists.

An Advanced Horticulture course will give you the skills needed to identify plants and their parts, how to plant, prune, irrigate and keep them safe from pests and diseases, and understand soil, seeds and seedlings. You’ll also learn which machinery to use in agricultural practices, differing methods of propagation and how to care for indoor plants. Our Certificate in Starting a Vegetable Garden will teach you how to successfully grow your very own garden, while the Horticulture Resource Management course will teach you how to handle the administration, assets and business dealings of farm and garden cultivation. If you’re interested in fashioning sustainable horticultural systems or farm practices based on the natural ecosystem, then our Permaculture or Sustainable Agriculture courses are going to be ideal for you.

These courses are great standalone courses, but are also excellent for existing farmers, viticulturists, horticulturists, floriculturists, landscape artists, avid gardeners, survivalists or anyone else who would benefit from knowledge of plants and their cultivation.