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Digital SLR Camera Photography Online Course

Take Incredible Photos Using Your DSLR Camera

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Learn How to Take Incredible Photos Using Your DSLR Camera

Forget Blurry, Washed-Out Snaps; Capture Life’s Most Important Moments in Crisp, Stunning Detail, and Rich Living Colour!

The Online Digital SLR Camera Photography Course is a comprehensive online instructional course, perfect for new and amateur photographers who want to learn how to take outstanding photos.

In this course, you will learn how to take photos in a completely new way that will revolutionize your photography. Imagine being able to take magazine quality photos. With this course, you will be taken through step by step just how we get them.

You will learn everything from the basic controls of using your camera up to advanced techniques to capture professional looking photos.

Developed by professional photographers, the course is delivered online and consists of 12 online video based instructional units that are easy to follow and understand, making learning fun and enjoyable!

If you want to learn how to take stunning portraits of people or just taking great photos of your own family this is the course for you. You will be taken step by step through how to set up, pose with natural light for a truly stunning portrait. The course is easy to follow and understand as we teach you live step by step, while you watch us demonstrate tips and techniques.

The average time required to complete the course is 4 weeks part time (however you can take as long as you need as there is no expiry date on course access, you have unlimited lifetime access to the course)

Once you gain these skills you have them for life. You'll get fantastic portraits, landscape, night shots, fine art and even be shown how to do a fashion shoot.

For a comprehensive list of what's included in the course simply click the units of study tab.

This is an incredible opportunity to invest in yourself and your future, take your Photography skills to a new level with Courses For Success today!

Online Digital SLR Camera Photography Course Facts:

  1. Discover how to take breathtaking photos
  2. 12-unit Digital SLR Camera Course
  3. Learn how to take a range of different types of photos
  4. Study along with simple instructions, videos & demonstrations
  5. Unlimited, lifetime access to online camera course
  6. Certificate of Completion awarded with a passing score
  7. Study at your own pace with no rigid class timetables, 24/7 from any computer or smart device

Course Delivery

Upon enrolment an automated email will be sent, advising you of our enrolment process (please check your junk email inbox if not received as this is an automated email), in order for you to access your online material, which is Available 24/7 on any computer or smart mobile device. All students who complete the course receive a certificate and will be issued an accredited certificate by the IAOTS via email, plus our professional photography tutors are always available to help you. If can point and click your camera then you are ready to take our course

Recognition & Accreditation

This course is internationally recognized and accredited by the International Association of Online Training Standards (IAOTS). The courses offered by Courses For Success are unique as they are taught in a step by step process enabling students to complete them quickly and easily so that you can obtain your qualification sooner. All students who complete the course receive a certificate of completion. Courses For Success is committed to high completion rates and therefore 100% student satisfaction.

Other Beginner Photography Courses

This is one of a raft of beginner photography courses available to you through Courses for Success. Whether you are a beginner or looking to perfect your craft, we have the course that is right for you.

Unit 1: Introduction to Photography

  • Understand the professional settings
  • Setting your dioptre
  • Adjusting your burst mode
  • Adjusting your white balance settings
  • Metering settings
  • Exposure compensation mode
  • What is histogram and how to use it
  • How you camera is focusing
  • Adjusting the focal points
  • Setting your file capture
  • Raw & jpeg explained in detail
  • Using bracketing to enhance your photo’s
  • Types of cameras
  • Multi exposures
  • Setting colour and tone
  • Sharpness settings
  • ISO explained
  • Camera bags and cases
  • Tripod options and squeeze grips
  • Different types of Flashes
  • How to choose a good camera
  • Types of lenses

Unit 2: Understanding Exposure

  • Manual settings
  • ISO settings
  • Pixels
  • F-Stops
  • Camera Speed
  • White balance
  • Putting the settings into practise
  • Understanding aperture
  • Settings for different camera makes

Unit 3: Landscape Photography

  • Equipment
  • Proper planning
  • How to capture the best shots
  • Ideas for your shots
  • Picking the best scenery
  • Technical settings
  • What makes a good landscape photo

Unit 4: Night Photography

  • Equipment
  • Settings
  • different types of shoots
  • Tips and tricks

Unit 5: Travel Photography

  • Planning
  • Equipment
  • Types of shoots
  • Tips and techniques

Unit 6: Cruise Ship Photography

  • Travel Tips
  • Types of lenses
  • Photos with different lenses
  • How to get interesting photos
  • Settings to get the best shoots

Unit 7: Part A Studio Photography

  • Setting up your studio
  • Equipment
  • Studio shoots

Unit 7: Part B Professional Studio

  • Visit to award winning David Oliver's studio

Unit 8: Fine Art Photography

  • How to see great shots
  • Setting up
  • Techniques and settings

Unit 9: Portrait Photography

  • Planning your shoots
  • Techniques
  • Pro settings
  • Tips and tricks
  • Types of portraits
  • Black & white

Unit 10: SLR Video Photography

  • How to use your SLR camera to shoot a movie
  • High Definition Video
  • What a short film being shot

Unit 11: Aerial Photography

  • Helicopter shoot
  • Equipment required
  • Types of lenses
  • How to get the best shoots
  • Use of a helicam
  • Photos with different lenses
  • How to get interesting photos
  • Settings to get the best shoots

Unit 12: Fashion Shoot

  • Importance of research and resources
  • Location and logistics
  • Borrow what you need
  • Get your team together
  • Importance of planning
  • Organisation of photography gear
  • Stick to schedule
  • Model release
  • Shooting in raw
  • Portfolio of your work
  • Best tips

Entry requirements

Students must have basic literacy and numeracy skills.

Open entry

Previous schooling and academic achievements are not required for entry into this course.

Computer requirements

Students will need access to a computer and the internet.

Minimum specifications for the computer are:


  • Microsoft Windows XP, or later
  • Modern and up to date Browser (Internet Explorer 8 or later, Firefox, Chrome, Safari)


  • OSX/iOS 6 or later
  • Modern and up to date Browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari)

All systems

  • Internet bandwidth of 1Mb or faster
  • Flash player or a browser with HTML5 video capabilities(Currently Internet Explorer 9, Firefox, Chrome, Safari)

Students will also need access the following applications:

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader and
  • Microsoft word

25 August 2017 10:45:25 AM

It's been an absolute pleasure enjoyed every bit of this course!

15 August 2017 08:44:19 AM

I really like this course I appreciate it

14 August 2017 01:54:32 PM

awesome course

9 August 2017 06:26:14 PM

amzing easy to learn

2 August 2017 10:38:09 PM

Informative and interesting on how to deal with different types of photography and situation

25 July 2017 10:15:16 PM

The course was very informal and I look foward in learning more in photography.

13 July 2017 08:06:13 PM

I enjoyed doing this online course

12 July 2017 08:22:19 AM

I obtained a lot of information in this course that I had not known before.

11 July 2017 05:19:46 PM

Big help.thanks

10 July 2017 08:48:22 AM

i really enjoyed this course, it was easy to understand and the information was interesting and useful.

5 July 2017 07:47:11 PM

This is a good course. It helps me gain a lots of information about photography

30 June 2017 07:37:43 AM

This course was very helpful in mastering photography techniques used by professionals and I will be using these techniques to my advantage.

28 June 2017 09:32:15 AM

It was really helpful. All classes help me using my camera and making better picture.

28 June 2017 07:16:06 AM

excellent course

25 June 2017 04:57:14 AM

amazing course learnt so much in a short space of time

25 June 2017 02:27:33 AM

Course was informative It help with explain what the camera is capable of

24 June 2017 05:57:12 AM

Good. Thank you!

23 June 2017 03:50:01 PM


10 June 2017 02:05:17 PM

I feel it was a great course

26 May 2017 09:28:29 AM

Pretty good, gives plenty of ideas for thought

22 May 2017 09:25:41 PM

Fantastic Content.

20 May 2017 07:11:29 AM

Loved the course! Very informative and interesting!

19 May 2017 10:07:09 PM

As an amateur photograperI find wary useful tips and gave me freedom to explore my existing cameras

17 May 2017 12:14:47 PM

Great informative videos

3 May 2017 06:45:47 PM

Was a good course that taught me some new things and also went over some things I have already done which was good as it refreshed my memory about that.

30 April 2017 06:32:26 AM

Taking this course has been a huge help in leaning more about photographing

28 April 2017 11:08:27 PM

This course was very good and interesting :)

25 April 2017 12:29:54 PM

I am a visual person, so I loved taking this course. Gave me a great visual of everything i need to know.

5 April 2017 09:39:55 AM

Very up front and easy to follow. Obviously a lot of knowledge used in putting this class together

27 March 2017 07:20:27 PM

Very detailed and to the point

12 February 2017 09:05:22 PM

This Course helped me a lot. Definitely recommend.

6 February 2017 09:42:41 AM

Loved this course! Very easy to follow and video tutorials were perfect!
would definitely use courses for success again and will be recommending to friends and family!

6 February 2017 12:08:44 AM

Loved the course, simple, in depth explanations on how to make the most out of your camera and over all very interesting. Not only have I learnt what all these buttons can do and what "aperture" means but now I can go out and take the photos I had always dreamed off. I still have a lot of practicing to do and a lot to learn but this course was the perfect foundation and money well spent. Thanks David for such an eye opening course.

23 January 2017 10:46:42 AM

Lots of good content, easy to understand.

14 January 2017 03:33:50 AM

I am very happy and i learn so much in this class

6 December 2016 01:32:47 PM

Really easy viewing and understanding

26 October 2016 10:26:43 AM

I´ve taken a few other online photography courses and found that this one is to-the-point and filled in a lot of details not found in others. Very easy to follow and review. Highly recommend!

17 October 2016 10:23:41 AM

I enjoyed the course and while I knew a fair bit it still taught me a lot more, I would suggest it to others.

5 October 2016 05:43:24 PM

ell presented course by a working professional.

10 September 2016 01:54:42 PM

this course was very informative

6 September 2016 04:44:16 PM

The course was very extensive and full of important information and tips needed to be a great photographer.

19 August 2016 02:46:45 PM

Well presented short course easy to understand content.
Basic photography, good actual application and tips!

10 July 2016 04:19:51 PM

Really informative videos, would enjoy more written information and documents

8 July 2016 10:59:40 AM

Great course for easy understanding of digital photography.

22 June 2016 11:59:56 AM

I thoroughly enjoyed this course. I have learned a lot about photography. I am very glad I have taken this course.

15 June 2016 07:43:53 AM

This course is excellent to make understands basic elements of photography.

31 May 2016 03:17:03 PM

This course was pretty good it touch base on important aspects of your camera.

21 May 2016 04:15:55 AM

This course was great! Thank you so much. I learned a lot.

17 May 2016 10:53:43 PM

I found this course very easy to understand, I was able to learn allot more than I knew before.

16 May 2016 09:04:56 AM

Great information provided in the videos. Already learning a lot with just this course.

26 March 2016 12:41:14 PM

This course has given me the new knowledge to bring my photographic abilities to the next level. The instruction is very clearly expressed and the teachers knowledge is vast. I highly recommend this course to any ameture photographer looking to enhance his/her abilities in this form of a expression.

24 March 2016 11:16:30 AM

this is a very informative class!

22 March 2016 12:20:22 PM

I enjoyed the class very much. The fact that you demonstrated what you discussed and not just left it to our imagination was excellent.

17 February 2016 04:41:07 PM

A very good course. I what all the buttons on my camera actually do and how to use them.

12 January 2016 01:07:28 PM

Nice intro in photogragh area

26 August 2015 10:09:25 PM

Very comprehensive and many useful tips and inside advice. Very enjoyable.

26 August 2015 02:51:41 PM

It was awesome!

26 August 2015 11:29:30 AM

This course provided a lot of in depth information and developed my photography skills immensely!

25 August 2015 09:31:07 AM

Love it!!

24 August 2015 06:58:24 AM

This was a informant class,I learn things about the camera I never thought about,an to better shooting of day an knight,I real enjoyed this class,thanks Harry

22 August 2015 04:14:58 PM

Very informative for a beginner like me!

22 August 2015 01:54:29 PM

Thanks for the knowledge!

17 August 2015 12:42:59 PM


15 August 2015 12:28:20 PM

Awesome course. very helpful and useful in getting to know my DSLR properly.

13 August 2015 03:36:37 PM

Fantastic course. I learnt a great deal of information by doing this course. Thankyou very much

10 August 2015 09:53:20 AM

Easy to follow and listen to instruction. Very imformative.

9 August 2015 05:25:23 PM

A long but interesting course, have learnt a grate deal thank you

5 August 2015 11:33:24 AM

Very straight forward informative course. After having come back from a long break it was a nicer refresher course I was able to complete at my own pace. I thoroughly enjoyed it! Thank you!

1 August 2015 12:39:31 PM

Good Course, solid grounding in the basics of photography

This review has no rating and was created before ratings were introduced

29 July 2015 05:07:03 AM

The course was good and i learned alot.

28 July 2015 02:39:50 PM

This was very helpful I think this was a GREAT course

28 July 2015 03:08:37 AM

Very good the way set up & goes through each stage

21 July 2015 02:20:48 PM

The videos are in depth.

21 July 2015 01:57:43 AM

Very nice course, so glad I took it!

16 July 2015 09:24:27 PM

A very interesting and informative course!! Has helped me learn a lot more about photography and taking good photos as a hobby.

16 July 2015 09:49:55 AM

I thoroughly enjoyed taking this I have a better understanding now from lighting to my camera setting.

8 July 2015 11:23:37 PM

It was a great course. i really enjoyed it and it was also great fun learning photography the way you showed me.

8 July 2015 12:47:48 PM

Brilliant Online Course. Very informative and easy to follow and understand. Knowledgable instructor who took the time in discussing all information in detail - providing examples was fantastic.

2 July 2015 05:21:44 PM

It was fun to do learn more about photography. Would highly recommend it.

2 July 2015 04:54:05 PM

The course was very comprehensive and detailed and provided a good source of information and education on photography. I've learned how to use my digital SLR much more widely, and have seen techniques that I'm keen to try out.

29 June 2015 10:01:31 PM

found this course down to earth and very easy to understand great for any beginner

26 June 2015 12:14:35 PM

I really the fact that I was able to use this course and finally complete the assessment after 2 years of buying this online.

I have learnt so much and my photos are looking fantastic.

26 June 2015 09:20:42 AM

This course is interesting and very helpful to new photographers that are just starting out.

This review has no rating and was created before ratings were introduced

23 June 2015 01:56:11 AM


22 June 2015 06:14:44 PM

Very informative course. Goes into a lot of depth and covers a large amount of topics.

This review has no rating and was created before ratings were introduced

16 June 2015 02:32:01 PM

This was a great course. I have taking other course but learned some different proceedures in this one.

12 June 2015 01:00:22 PM

The course guides throughout the basics of photography, from how to use a slr camera to set our own business. It opens a new prospective career as a professional photographer. Thank you.

1 June 2015 02:25:56 PM

Thank you for helping me understand my camera and all its functions, how to take professional photos and the things I need to start a career.

10 May 2015 03:25:19 PM

I'm an amateur photographer and have normally just used digital cameras but recently bought a Digital SLR Nikon camera and wanted to know how to use all the features.
The course was great and explained everything perfectly for me.
David seems like a top bloke!
He should set up a Facebook fan page so everyone who does the course can follow him and be able to post some of the pictures we've taken since doing the course.

ps. I had to come back here and say I love some of these questions! lol

22 April 2015 02:21:35 PM

I enjoyed my first course about everything you need to know about cameras. Thank you.

6 April 2015 12:42:25 AM

Doing this course online is a good way to study, you can watch a video in your own time and answer the questions at the end. The videos are good and very descriptive and show you what each setting is and how to use it.

30 March 2015 10:25:56 PM

such a good course, i learn a lot of knowledge from the video.

19 March 2015 08:59:39 PM


9 March 2015 01:34:29 PM

I found this course very informative

15 February 2015 11:10:35 AM

Excellent course, Easy unstanding, I am going to get other course from this wedsite.

7 February 2015 05:34:37 PM

Great Course. Easy to Follow.

7 February 2015 01:47:21 PM

Great Course. Easy to follow.

25 January 2015 02:02:09 PM

I could understand how to use my camera really.

21 January 2015 07:58:12 PM

I found the course to be very helpful and clearly set out for my understanding, I found the use of the camera settings easier to understand to get beautiful, shaper photos than before and the use of settings I would not have ever through of using. I am grateful for doing your course as it has helped me with the setting up of my business and my line of work. Thank you:)

16 August 2014 02:32:56 PM

As I have no previous training with digital photography. It was great to learn about the camera functions and their best use! Really enjoyed playing around with my camera while watching the videos!

1 July 2014 01:09:38 PM

After studying this course I have gained a great deal more confidence. The tutorials are very clear, informative with fantastic ideas and tips which will certainly contribute to improving my photography skills.

29 June 2014 02:37:34 PM

This was a fantastic course and has helped me greatly!

4 June 2014 08:06:58 AM

I found this on line course to be easy to follow and understand. Covered a wide range of topics

3 June 2014 08:17:30 PM

I found this online course to be very helpful, I would highly recommend this course to any body who wishes to learn about photography

30 May 2014 08:15:48 PM

This course has really helped me learn about using an SLR camera. The lessons were easy to understand, and I love the range of topics in the course

17 May 2014 04:55:31 PM

This course has helped me understand photography techniques and how it all works together. Very meaningful and helpful. The different sections were each very informative and helpful. I really did learn a lot.

14 May 2014 04:23:32 PM

I found this course very informative and easy to understand, I will be recommending this course to other people.

8 May 2014 05:36:52 PM

good course, it help me so much

5 May 2014 02:30:19 PM

This course has helped me to understand my camera and the settings better. Although I am only photographing at home, it would have been an added bonus for a section on where to get your photo's developed, eg. what material to use to get your photo's develeoped.

17 April 2014 09:14:50 AM

I liked how everything was in the videos. A few things I wasn't sure on but once I went over them again it made sense.
Also every time I sent a email it was answered straight away so thanks heaps

26 March 2014 04:03:31 PM

Thank you for developing the course. I found the lessons to be informative, interesting and fun to watch. I gained a lot of advice that I am applying to my photography already, particularly the style I will pursue professionally. It has really given me a lot more confidence in my photography. I thought the highlights were: using the settings on the camera to their best advantage and how they can be applied to various photography types; advice about setting up a photography business; how to address problems e.g. setting up the computer / printer; retrieving lost image files & the equipment photographers require in the field and the studio. Thanks again :)

20 March 2014 11:06:55 AM

Great course for beginners that want to get off auto settings! Good info on different types of photography that you can specialise in. Possibly include a video on food photography as this is extremely popular. Also street scenes and urban life.

3 March 2014 01:02:15 PM

The course was very good and I learnt a lot.It gives me a deeper understanding of photography and a lot of use full tips. Thanks

This review has no rating and was created before ratings were introduced

2 March 2014 02:53:20 AM

Very informative course. Thought I knew my camera but the information given has made me look at my camera and picture taking in a different way.

This review has no rating and was created before ratings were introduced

27 February 2014 11:55:19 AM

I have enjoyed the videos. they were easy to understand and very informative. I will look back at them as needed.

This review has no rating and was created before ratings were introduced

26 February 2014 08:52:54 PM

I found this course very interesting and informative. I learnt a lot about my camera and what I could do with it.

This review has no rating and was created before ratings were introduced

25 February 2014 07:58:36 PM

This course is an awesome way to learn especially for someone that has dyslexia like myself.

This review has no rating and was created before ratings were introduced

25 February 2014 04:03:28 PM

I would simply say that it was a really convenient and easy way to take great lessons and learn what you need to know and more about the subject. I really recommend it for anyone willing to learn but having a schedule with no room.

This review has no rating and was created before ratings were introduced

24 February 2014 03:16:22 PM

I thoroughly enjoyed this course. I've just started photography and found the course very useful.

This review has no rating and was created before ratings were introduced

23 February 2014 06:48:27 PM

Thank you for providing such an indepth and easy to follow course on photography. I was only looking for a course that would help me to learn more about what I can achieve using my Fathers DSLR and I've ended up with so much more. I will keep this skill with me for a lifetime and will continually use it throughout my life.

This review has no rating and was created before ratings were introduced

23 February 2014 01:46:16 PM

I am extremely pleased that I discovered this practical course on Photography. I've learnt so much from the well delivered tutorials that were explained clearly and using some analogies in a way to better assist the understanding of some otherwise technically complex areas of Photography.

I now have so much more confidence and knowledge in using my DSLR which I hadn't been able to gain from a previous photography course I was enrolled in. This experience has definitely reignited my passion for photography, learning and given me some important and helpful tips in creating my own successful business. My journey starts now, thanks to enrolling with Courses for Success!!


This review has no rating and was created before ratings were introduced

21 February 2014 12:23:37 PM

Very informative course. Looking forward to using my camera as fully as I can now. Thank you!

This review has no rating and was created before ratings were introduced

15 February 2014 06:24:28 PM

Excellent course for the beginner.

22 January 2014 03:56:01 PM

I thought the course was fantastic, the scope of information, the detail together with the presentation. I now have some valuable information on using my SLR Camera with more confidence and can hopefully get some great shots.

5 December 2013 12:42:49 PM

Enjoyed course - well explained

2 November 2013 02:39:22 PM

This course was great

17 October 2013 08:15:55 PM

This course was a great idea for me as working during the daytime and week-days. I could concentrate learning this course anywhere I want so it was very useful. I now feel that I would love to take further course for Cameras so I will look for it!

17 August 2013 08:48:56 PM

Enjoyable and interesting to see so many aspects of photography. Thankyou

16 August 2013 12:01:25 PM

Good course.
Get more knowledge about this course

11 August 2013 05:29:18 PM

An informative and rewarding series of videos. David is a truly passionate photographer who simply explains key concepts for beginners and more advanced photographers. Several interesting ideas and tips are learnt.

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Course Summary

Course ID No.: 001DSLRCC
Delivery Mode: Online
Course Access: Unlimited online access
Time required: Study at your own pace
Qualification: Certificate (IAOTS Accredited)

Course Outcomes

  • Camera Settings Explained
  • Landscape Photography
  • Family Portraits
  • Fine Art Photography
  • Night & Sunset Photography
  • Travel Photography
  • Studio Lighting
  • Nature Photography
  • Black & White Portraits
  • Product Photography
  • Aerial Photography
  • HDR Photography

Career Prospects

  • Work as a photographer
  • Work for a Photographer
  • Hobby photography