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Bookkeeping and Financial Management Training Bundle, 3 Courses

Vital Skills for Any Kind of Business

Bookkeeping and Financial Management Skills are vital for Business

Whether working in someone else’s business or your own business it’s important to understand financial matters. Understanding bookkeeping basics may be the key to keeping your fiscal matters running smoothly and efficiently

The Basic Bookkeeping Online Short Course is the short and sweet answer to your problems. From accounts receivable to accounts payable, from loans to payments, this short course covers everything you’ll need to know.

Everyday businesses deal with budgets and financial reports in some form or fashion. At minimum, business managers review budget numbers and run financial reports for decision-making and reporting to shareholders and Federal regulators once a month. Many companies devote the last few months of the calendar year to creating budgets for the next calendar year. In addition, organizations create and disseminate year-end financial reports to investors.

The goal of this course is to give the participant a basic understanding of budgets and financial management so they can hold relevant discussions and render decisions based on financial data. This course will define key terms like ROI, EBIT, GAAP, and extrapolation. Furthermore, this course will discuss commonly used financial terms, financial statements, budgets, forecasting, purchasing decisions, and laws that regulate the handling of financial information.

The Knowledge Management course will give you the tools that you will need to begin implementing knowledge management in your organization, no matter what the size of the company or the budget. Wherever there are humans working together for one goal, there is knowledge to be harvested, stored, and dispensed as needed.

For a comprehensive list of what courses are included in the bundle simply click the units of study tab.

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Course Fast Facts:

  1. Courses are easy to follow and understand
  2. Only 6 to 8 hours of study is required per course
  3. Unlimited lifetime access to course materials
  4. Study as many courses as you want
  5. Delivered 100% on-line and accessible 24/7 from any computer or smartphone
  6. Certificates (IAOTS Accredited)

Course Delivery

Upon enrolment an automated email will be sent, advising you of our enrolment process (please check your junk email inbox if not received as this is an automated email), in order for you to access your online material, which is Available 24/7 on any computer or smart mobile device.

Recognition & Accreditation

These courses are internationally recognized and accredited by the International Association of Online Training Standards (IAOTS). The courses offered by Courses For Success are unique as they are taught in a step by step process enabling students to complete them quickly and easily, so that you can obtain your qualification sooner. All students who complete the course receive a certificate of completion. Courses For Success is committed to high completion rates and therefore 100% student satisfaction.

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Receive Lifetime Access to Course Materials, so you can review at any time.

The Ultimate Bookkeeping and Financial Management Training Bundle consists of the following courses:

Course 1 - Certificate In Basic Bookkeeping Online Course

  • Understand and Implement Basic Bookkeeping Principles
  • Basic terminology
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Inventory
  • Payroll
  • Accounting Methods
  • Differences between Cash and Accrual
  • Cash Management
  • Keeping track of your business
  • Understanding the balance sheet
  • Types of Assets
  • Types of Liabilities
  • Equity
  • Other financial statements
  • Income Statement
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Capital Statement
  • Budget vs Actual
  • Payroll accounting / terminology
  • End of period procedures
  • Financial Planning, budgeting and control
  • Reasons for Budgeting
  • Creating a Budget
  • Comparing Budget to Actual Expenses
  • Auditing

Course 2 - Certificate In Budget and Financial Management Online Course

  • Back Your Business with Bulletproof Finance
  • Understanding Financial Statements
  • Balance Sheets
  • Income Statements (AKA Profit and Loss Statements)
  • Annual Reports
  • Analysing Financial Statements
  • Income Ratios
  • Profitability Ratios
  • Liquidity Ratios
  • Working Capital Ratios
  • Bankruptcy Ratios
  • Long - Term Analysis Ratios
  • Calculating Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Understanding Budgets
  • Common types of budgets
  • What information do I need?
  • Who should be involved?
  • What should a budget look like?
  • Budgeting Made Easy
  • Computer based methods
  • Advanced Forecasting Technigues
  • Managing the Budget
  • How to tell if you're on track
  • Should your budget be updated
  • Keeping a diary of lessons learned
  • When to panic
  • Making Smart Purchasing Decisions
  • A Glimpse into the Legal World

Course 3 - Certificate In Knowledge Management Online Course

  • How to Manage Knowledge Across Your Organization
  • What is knowledge management?
  • Applications in the workplace
  • Dos and don'ts
  • Data, information and knowledge
  • Identifying conversation categories
  • Understanding episodes
  • The knowledge management life cycle
  • The new knowledge management paradigm
  • Paradigms of the past
  • The new paradigm
  • The knowledge management endgame
  • Knowledge management models
  • Building a knowledge management rationale
  • Building a business case
  • Finding success stories
  • The Commoditization / Customization Model
  • Customising knowledge management definitions
  • Components of a knowledge management definition
  • Creating KMBOK
  • Implementing knowledge managment
  • Identifying opportunities for revenue streams
  • Key knowledge management techniques
  • The no-budget scenario
  • Tips for success
  • About the chief knowledge officer
  • Knowledge management skill checklist
  • Advance topics

Entry requirements

Students must have basic literacy and numeracy skills.

Minimum education

Open entry. Previous schooling and academic achievements are not required for entry into this course.

Computer requirements

Students will need access to a computer and the internet. 

Minimum specifications for the computer are:


  • Microsoft Windows XP, or later
  • Modern and up to date Browser (Internet Explorer 8 or later, Firefox, Chrome, Safari)


  • OSX/iOS 6 or later
  • Modern and up to date Browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari)

All systems

  • Internet bandwidth of 1Mb or faster
  • Flash player or a browser with HTML5 video capabilities(Currently Internet Explorer 9, Firefox, Chrome, Safari)

Students will also need access the following applications:

Adobe Acrobat Reader

18 September 2017 10:13:44 AM

Good course, valuable learning tool

18 September 2017 04:29:19 AM

Very informational! gave me a better sense on how to create a better budget for my company and personal expenses.

17 September 2017 08:00:56 AM

Very Knowledgeable course
highly recommended

14 September 2017 12:22:38 PM

The course is quite good and detailed. Very good format and review tests.

12 September 2017 10:01:53 AM

This course was very helpful and the website was easy to navigate.

10 September 2017 06:01:51 PM

Good basic info

8 September 2017 12:58:23 AM

I enjoy this self paced course! It is very informative and helpful.

6 September 2017 11:48:36 AM

Easy to use.

6 September 2017 11:32:13 AM

Very informative.

4 September 2017 12:13:53 AM

Very interesting course. I learnt lots of new things

1 September 2017 05:22:21 AM

Thank you very much for this course ... I have learned the terminology and the financial concepts both individually ...

31 August 2017 11:21:49 PM

Overall the course is good

29 August 2017 03:34:42 PM


29 August 2017 11:38:15 AM

Very good. Learned a lot more about basic accounting that I was unsure of.

29 August 2017 05:26:28 AM

.Very helpful and informative

29 August 2017 04:17:04 AM

Great course!

28 August 2017 10:04:41 PM

Good course context

26 August 2017 05:39:49 PM

it is easy to navigate around

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very helpful, thank you so much

24 August 2017 04:46:41 PM

Good informative course.

22 August 2017 04:12:45 PM

great course

22 August 2017 06:42:54 AM

Loved the humour

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Well designed course easy to understand. Thank you.

18 August 2017 12:19:38 PM

The course is very helpful in understanding the basic principles of financial reports.

7 August 2017 01:03:01 AM


4 August 2017 11:32:29 AM

Great course. Very informative.

4 July 2017 11:34:56 AM


27 June 2017 07:43:56 PM


8 June 2017 04:09:45 AM

Great course for beginner or a refresh for accounting terms. Wish course had assignment to learn how to apply what was learned.

5 June 2017 09:04:59 AM

The course was a great review of accounting and bookkeeping.

1 June 2017 11:48:18 PM


25 May 2017 08:12:52 PM

Good introductory course for initiating book-keeping beginners.

23 May 2017 02:20:50 PM

enjoyed this course, it was informative and not too long.

21 May 2017 02:43:30 AM

enjoying this course, and learning a lot.

20 May 2017 06:28:21 AM

4-Knowledge Management

18 May 2017 01:08:45 PM

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Great course. Very helpful and insightful.

10 May 2017 09:53:34 AM

good for a basic course to book keeping.

6 May 2017 07:49:28 PM

Found this very useful as I knew nothing about budgets and financial reports

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Excellent Courses!

26 April 2017 12:43:35 PM

Cool course learnt alot of accounting terminology

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This course expanded my knowledge of how business bookkeeping is processed.

24 April 2017 07:44:45 PM

Excellent, easy to understand!

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Fully satisfied with the course!

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The course was short yet very informative. There were clear definitions of terms, processes and suggested procedures. The fact that I can download terminology sheets and a power point of the course is excellent!

17 April 2017 08:35:57 AM

love it

13 April 2017 01:10:57 AM

Once I got into the course I followed the different types of knowledge management easily.
there is such a lot to take in and comprehend.

9 April 2017 11:10:23 AM

Very complete

23 March 2017 11:24:26 AM

This is a great course.

21 March 2017 10:05:28 PM


20 March 2017 10:46:44 AM

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course very informative

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found course easy to follow and i like the short videos

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2 March 2017 11:24:12 AM


20 February 2017 11:24:35 PM

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22 December 2016 12:59:44 PM

Excellent: easy to understand

19 September 2016 07:54:25 AM

This class gave me some great information and definitely help refresh any previous information I had learned on bookkeeping.

14 September 2016 11:32:04 PM

Good info for someone just learning about business and a great refresher for those that have been working for years that aren't centered in the accounting area.

14 September 2016 05:12:35 AM

is great

14 September 2016 03:43:24 AM

Great presentation-easy to navigate!

8 September 2016 02:21:24 AM


5 September 2016 09:13:16 PM

Complex and a good for a new start or refresh course

31 August 2016 01:15:44 PM

Quick and easy course that was packed full of information. I definitely appreciated the course summary power point which was included.

31 August 2016 02:10:05 AM

Great content

30 August 2016 05:00:32 AM

Great course, very informative and to the point.

29 August 2016 07:32:31 AM

Quick overall information. I wish that the quizzes had answers for the one that you got wrong.

27 August 2016 06:55:13 AM

Great to gain an understanding of the terminology.

26 August 2016 03:34:58 PM

The course information is very helpful and will definitely recommend other people.

22 August 2016 10:15:08 PM

This course has given me a basic understanding of bookkeeping

20 August 2016 01:48:10 PM

Great Course....

20 August 2016 10:31:47 AM

good course

20 August 2016 07:43:04 AM

Very nice and easy to follow

19 August 2016 05:15:50 PM

The Basic Bookkeeping course provides a brief yet helpful overview of bookkeeping skills, including explaining common terms and the many areas bookkeeping covers.

19 August 2016 10:55:47 AM

I am very much enjoying doing the beginner course in bookkeeping as it is refreshing my knowledge to go and further my career. Thank you

19 August 2016 10:19:50 AM

The course is educational.

19 August 2016 01:30:36 AM

Pretty straight forward and basic. Easy to read

19 August 2016 01:16:11 AM

great course, easy to understand.

17 August 2016 08:50:24 PM

I look forward to implementing this in my field of work

16 August 2016 07:54:18 AM

This course was easy to read and follow. I really learned a lot.

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Very informative material.

15 August 2016 05:30:55 PM

Great beginner course or as a refresher.

13 August 2016 09:32:41 PM

Summarised well

13 August 2016 12:27:56 AM

Really like how the course is layed out.

12 August 2016 09:44:28 AM

A good written course, although some more numerical examples will help, I guess. also, if every chapter will consist some kind of training question, it will help us to get ready to the assessment part, so less stress for taking a test.

12 August 2016 08:20:53 AM

I thought the course was straight forward and the terms were clearly defined.

11 August 2016 12:02:34 AM

Very informative!

10 August 2016 01:55:05 AM

Basic Bookkeeping provide me with a ton of information I wasn't to aware fo and enjoyed learning the basics

9 August 2016 05:36:42 PM

It was very easy to understand.

7 August 2016 01:01:03 AM

The course summarized and clarified basic bookkeeping.

5 August 2016 10:15:10 AM

I enjoyed the modules wish it was on a recorded slideshow

5 August 2016 04:08:01 AM

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5 August 2016 04:03:18 AM

great content

4 August 2016 03:06:21 PM

Great course easy to understand

4 August 2016 04:37:44 AM

Great overview of accounting presented in an easy to understand format

4 August 2016 04:11:50 AM

Simple to follow

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I really enjoyed this course, it is a great refresher for someone entering the workplace.

2 August 2016 12:13:25 PM

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2 August 2016 01:54:21 AM

The basic booking course was very helpful, I learn a lot and ready to learn more.

1 August 2016 06:48:00 AM

Very informative

31 July 2016 04:06:13 PM

I am thankful that this course is available online because I work full time.

31 July 2016 06:08:39 AM

Very informative!

29 July 2016 05:45:03 AM

Some of the information was understood. This really allowed me to familiarize myself with the correct terms of understanding accounting. Very helpful and informative to what I thought I knew vs. what I did know. Accounting is not a strong pursuit, some intensity, but a much beneficial course to help retain.

29 July 2016 02:34:36 AM

Informative. Interesting

27 July 2016 06:58:56 AM

Very informative

27 July 2016 06:56:39 AM

The course was very well put together, i was able to understand what was being said.

26 July 2016 09:32:55 PM

great course

24 July 2016 06:29:34 AM

This course was very helpful. Thank you.

22 July 2016 07:55:23 AM

From taking this course so far i feel as though i learned some good detail that i have not learned yet. however i do wish it was a little more hands on.

22 July 2016 07:33:22 AM

great class simple and to the point wonderful overview

22 July 2016 02:26:48 AM

Informative and helpful. Gives a basic understanding of accounting without being too simplistic.

21 July 2016 04:48:29 AM

Great information and explanations.

20 July 2016 01:57:54 AM

Great refresher course!

19 July 2016 08:17:47 AM

Very interesting information and to the point, easy to understand.

19 July 2016 04:23:48 AM

A lot of information

17 July 2016 08:44:11 PM


16 July 2016 01:09:45 AM

This course was very helpful in defining terminology necessary to better know and understand exactly what you're working with when it comes to accounting for any size business.

14 July 2016 05:05:57 AM

This was a good course, I appreciated all the information.

14 July 2016 02:52:42 AM

I found everything to be laid out nicely with details, and the overall summary of the power-point helped narrow down specific bits of important info to remember for the course.

14 July 2016 02:15:10 AM

Overall, lots of good information for an entry level.

12 July 2016 03:14:06 AM

Excellent summary course. Good introduction into basic accounting knowledge.

8 July 2016 03:13:58 AM

Basic straight forward learning-no big words to try to understand. Very clear precise learning/teaching.

6 July 2016 07:19:19 AM

A lot to take in quick.

6 July 2016 03:19:00 AM

So far I have enjoyed this online course, it is affordable and easy to work through, there is some humor which helps especially with this section on bookkeeping. It works very well to have it self paced and able to resume at anytime.

4 July 2016 07:08:52 AM

Great course!

4 July 2016 06:46:28 AM

Easy to follow

1 July 2016 03:24:45 AM

This course is very informative and I really liked how they broke the terminology down and provided examples. The samples of the balance sheet A/R and A/P accounts record sheets were also a big help!

30 June 2016 04:15:33 AM

This is learning made easy. I love it!

29 June 2016 11:26:31 AM

I like the class and learn something that will help me in the future.

29 June 2016 05:53:44 AM

Very quick, very basic, very helpful!

28 June 2016 01:27:51 AM

A lot of useful information.

26 June 2016 08:37:59 AM

Overall a good course. Simply put, and easy to comprehend. Is a great introduction to course, and kept my interest.

24 June 2016 06:56:44 AM

A great course that is an easy read. Very detailed.

23 June 2016 09:29:31 PM

enjoyable and informative

22 June 2016 08:06:33 AM

Very good course. I found it to be easy to read and follow. And would definitely recommend it to those that would like to do bookkeeping

22 June 2016 05:48:33 AM

The course was very informative. Good information for someone beginning in bookkeeping. Will review for when i get rusty.

20 June 2016 11:53:32 AM


20 June 2016 02:58:22 AM

Awesome course! I really learned a lot!

18 June 2016 05:05:58 AM

This was great! I loved being able to work at my own pace and made a ton of notes along the way!

17 June 2016 01:11:42 PM

The course is very easy to understand, to the point and with a bit of humor in between readings. I loved how the course in PowerPoint is laid out and you can download the presentation at the end of the course and use it as a refresher at a later time. The assessment or the course quiz does not have a timer so you have time to think of your answers and not worry about the time running out. Great learning!

15 June 2016 11:30:45 AM

this course is amazing.. easy to follow. i love that i can do it at my own pace. looking forward to completing it

11 June 2016 06:38:01 AM


11 June 2016 01:36:10 AM

Very good course. It just reaffirmed what I know. Thank you!

6 June 2016 09:22:15 PM

great short course

6 June 2016 12:40:23 AM

Nice Course! Fast! Reliable!

4 June 2016 05:03:22 AM

I enjoy this course it was very easy to comprehend and very direct!

3 June 2016 03:31:49 PM

A really fun course to take.

28 May 2016 05:28:00 PM

Great course. Easy to read and follow. Would recommend it.

24 May 2016 11:26:54 AM

Very long but good information. I have really learned a lot from this one section.

12 May 2016 06:02:15 AM

this course is fantastic.

10 May 2016 09:10:59 PM


6 May 2016 01:01:26 AM

This is great course that thought me some very important facts about having a business and keeping it in order, and running.

1 May 2016 01:02:42 PM

This course was very helpful.

23 April 2016 11:40:25 AM

Great course

17 April 2016 04:20:59 AM

this was a very imformative course and I learned a lot.

14 April 2016 03:52:38 AM

short, simple to understand.
Cover the basic of what need to know in the field. However, if the information can go in much detail, it would be much better.

13 April 2016 12:34:38 PM

I found this course very helpful

9 April 2016 12:11:02 AM

This course was fairly easy to follow

30 March 2016 06:36:53 AM

This course was very informative of bookkeeping knowledge.

30 March 2016 02:32:54 AM

This course is essential for business people to understand about what is bookkeeping does.

28 March 2016 12:17:55 AM

This course provided important and useful information.

25 March 2016 11:08:16 AM

Very useful, especially when creating your own company.

25 March 2016 09:41:41 AM

I really enjoyed the course.
Very informative.

21 March 2016 05:16:47 PM

I found the Course content easy to follow and comprehensive

21 March 2016 10:56:11 AM

Good Review of my knowledge

20 March 2016 11:14:26 AM

This course was very easy to follow.

20 March 2016 06:33:58 AM

very informative, i learned a lot today.

17 March 2016 09:21:45 PM

I was introduced to a summary about basic bookkeeping

17 March 2016 11:32:46 AM

This has been extremely helpful.

16 March 2016 05:14:40 AM

This section was very helpful in understanding basic accounting terms and practices.

15 March 2016 02:50:09 PM

This is a very helpful introductory courses !

12 March 2016 05:56:56 AM

Great Course

9 March 2016 03:09:03 PM

Convenient online course, easy to navigate and well set up.

9 March 2016 02:38:34 PM

Very easy to understand!!

8 March 2016 04:50:02 PM

Great info

8 March 2016 02:33:48 PM

I found this Basic Bookkeeping Short Course helpful to understanding a companies budget and what it means to be a bookkeeper. I enjoyed all the terminology associated with Bookkeeping.

8 March 2016 03:48:43 AM

very informative and easy to understand.

6 March 2016 08:59:11 PM


3 March 2016 05:47:55 AM

very well delivered

3 March 2016 05:10:37 AM

Modules are well written, easy to follow and understand.

2 March 2016 03:45:54 PM

Course is very easy to navigate. Great information enclosed.

25 February 2016 04:30:09 PM

very informative and a good outline of what is needed

23 February 2016 05:06:39 AM

it was great thank you,
plenty of basic knowledge that was easy to understand and the humor kept me going without being bored

22 February 2016 08:41:15 PM

I thoroughly enjoyed doing your course. I have found it very informative and educational.

19 February 2016 04:53:27 PM

It is a great course that provides basic accouting knowledge.

18 February 2016 05:25:01 AM

great program

10 February 2016 11:04:21 AM

Very useful in providing a basic knowledge of accounting terminology.

7 February 2016 06:29:07 PM


4 February 2016 12:01:03 PM

Easy to read and to understand. Thanks!

3 February 2016 02:14:29 PM

This course was very easy to follow and understand, it gave me confidence in understanding the terminology and delivered the information very accurately.

2 February 2016 01:54:14 PM

Informative and easy to follow

18 January 2016 06:44:07 AM

This was a very user friendly and informative course and easy to comprehend.

15 January 2016 06:19:04 PM

awesome course!

11 January 2016 06:05:39 PM

I really learn a lot with this course.

Thank you

10 January 2016 08:17:04 PM

A very informative style of learning

9 January 2016 08:39:36 PM

Great course, easy to follow.

6 January 2016 02:47:10 PM

great course

4 January 2016 09:07:50 PM

Easy to understand

4 January 2016 08:58:16 PM

This was a great short course

1 January 2016 09:13:42 AM

This is an AWESOME course! The little extra humor in it just really added to helping keep your attention on the course! Wonderful, it has helped me in understanding the basics so easily.

28 December 2015 08:16:56 PM

Enjoyed the course!

27 December 2015 03:34:41 PM

good and useful materials to learn

15 December 2015 10:18:00 PM

Very interesting information that helps to understand accounting terminology and reporting

4 December 2015 08:45:20 AM


13 October 2015 09:25:20 AM

A mountain of information. Would have prefered a slower, more detailed presentation that expanded on the points made.

23 September 2015 08:21:15 PM

Interesting module

17 September 2015 04:01:17 PM

This short course was beneficial. I learnt some basic lessons in Knowlege Management. I beleive this would help in future studies in this subject.

10 September 2015 09:47:22 AM

It was all worth it!!

8 September 2015 10:16:57 PM

Course was very well structured and easy to get through

8 September 2015 02:53:25 AM

Very informative

6 September 2015 04:25:11 PM

Good learning course

4 September 2015 10:43:32 PM

Pretty useful Course

2 September 2015 02:08:22 AM

I learned alot, even though I have heard the terms before, but this gave me a new insight. thank you

1 September 2015 01:06:09 PM

Great course I know that much more about accounting now.yay go Nate love it !!!

1 September 2015 06:38:20 AM

Extremely helpful!

1 September 2015 12:41:49 AM

with the help of this program I now have a better understanding about the basic functions of a bookkeeper.

24 August 2015 02:41:25 PM

Balance sheets help a company keep track of assets, liabilities, equity and current finances.Revenue is income from products or services, money obtained from a transaction. Expenses can be fixed such as rent or variable such as tools required for task. Accounts receivable is money owed to a business. Accounts payable is money which the company owes. General Ledger is a great way of tracking money coming in and money going out. Also called 'T'. Payrole is also an expense on the company and must be recorded. Gross wage is before tax and net wage is after tax. Whether your staff are hourly rate etc. When cash is received it must be lodged into the bank at that time.Accural is when money is being earned but not necessarily obtained at that time. Income statement has money coming in and out, and is a great way of managing the performance of the company. It is important to set up a budget and track how your company is going- this is a great way to see if your company is meeting its budget or spending more than planned. Planned vs actual. Assets will depreciate in value as time goes by, this is important to remember. An audit is a great way to ensure you are completing your accounting legally and this can be internal or external, occurance should be annually at the end of a financial year.

This review has no rating and was created before ratings were introduced

19 August 2015 09:28:50 PM

Understand the basic knowledge of finance, manage budget, and USA law.
All the information can help me build up the concept and deal within the company.

This review has no rating and was created before ratings were introduced

6 August 2015 07:58:14 AM

Very educational.

5 August 2015 02:20:58 AM

This will help me in the future.

4 August 2015 10:33:04 PM

Great course, very easy to follow

3 August 2015 04:23:26 PM

I enjoyed this module
thank you

1 August 2015 04:29:47 PM

This course was the longest one I have taken thus far in the course bundle. However, as a finance guy I feel that this section is highly critical to understand. It makes the flow of discussions with senior managers easier. It is an area that we should all continue to improve upon because it is a collaborative effort. As I mentioned before, I'm a finance guy, but this course is a section I will continually go back to review, especially the budgeting section. It is never perfect but reacting to situations and making the proper adjustments when necessary can mitigate adverse events that could negatively impact the company.

This review has no rating and was created before ratings were introduced

29 July 2015 11:46:48 PM

informative information

27 July 2015 03:12:07 AM

This unit has helped me understand some of the inner workings of my company's Accounting dept and better understand how they do their financial reports.

24 July 2015 10:49:46 AM

Good, easy to follow and understand

20 July 2015 10:07:23 PM

The course gave useful insight and advices.

17 July 2015 02:40:24 PM

I found this course very interesting and helpful would highly recommend it , thank you so much :)

16 July 2015 03:28:44 PM

informative. thank you.

15 July 2015 03:21:43 PM

Thank you

This review has no rating and was created before ratings were introduced

15 July 2015 12:10:03 PM

It is really helpful course to understand basic knowledge of accounting.

8 July 2015 05:32:40 AM

I enjoyed this class. Thanks to this course I'm more knowledgeable with bookkeeping duties.

8 July 2015 01:47:58 AM

Thank you for this informative course

3 July 2015 12:04:25 PM

I enjoyed this course and look forward to the rest of the courses. It was very informative.

30 June 2015 10:49:57 AM

For years I have been involved in bookkeeping/accounting and this has been a very good re-fresher course.

28 June 2015 08:58:30 AM

Good course to get head wrapped around terminology required for a small business

16 June 2015 07:40:12 AM

Course has been very detailed and challenging. Different subjects and terminology well laid out and instructive. key points well presented and course material written in a very informal patient way which keeps the note taking and reading interesting! overall thoroughly enjoyed this course and completing it!

11 June 2015 05:36:27 PM

This course has been enjoyable and easy to complete at my own pace! Thank you

10 June 2015 11:41:48 PM


2 June 2015 11:15:01 AM

Great Course.

4 May 2015 07:53:31 PM

I enjoyed doing this course. It was clear and informative and will certainly help me in better understanding finance. It is also short and sweet which prevents you from getting bored.

20 April 2015 05:16:20 PM

The course was mind challenging as I havent done any schooling in quite a few years. Well layed out and presented

This review has no rating and was created before ratings were introduced

17 April 2015 11:59:23 PM

Very easy to follow, simply explained

14 April 2015 06:10:14 PM

This course gives covers all the basic terminology for bookkeeping and shows blank examples of all the forms that will be used in bookkeeping. A light hearted approach with some ironic quotations assists the learner in some of the concepts of accountancy's reconciliation and budgeting differences to actual expenditure. It outlines payroll procedures, gross and net wages, taxation and employee benefits. Creating a budget and internal and external audits.

14 April 2015 10:31:27 AM

A great basic course, will be looking at doing more with this company.

13 April 2015 02:32:56 PM

Easy to follow and to understand.

11 April 2015 03:12:20 PM

Finding the difference between cash method and accrual method, general leadgers, budgets and how a budget can benefit you personally and from a companys point of view

This review has no rating and was created before ratings were introduced

7 April 2015 09:03:06 PM

interesting course.

20 March 2015 11:04:23 PM

This is a course that I think will help me.This course is great for anyone needing to update their bookkeeping skills or want to use this course as a stepping stone into their business study. It covers learn ways to apply bookkeeping in business and everyday lives. It helps me understand the basic application and insight of cash flow management, financial statement, budgeting, auditing, income statement, statement, Accounts payable/ receivable, balance sheets and payroll.

This review has no rating and was created before ratings were introduced

16 March 2015 04:40:25 AM

very well done most people need to take this course

11 March 2015 01:53:18 AM

The course is fun and easy to follow through. Way much flexibility than in classrooms

24 February 2015 06:02:49 PM

Thank you

9 June 2014 06:55:56 PM

The course gives good definitions which are easy to memorise and understand. It follows a logic process when going through various topics and also seems to cover all the basics of bookkeeping. Very enjoyable.

5 June 2014 12:42:43 PM

Thank you very much!

1 March 2014 02:10:36 PM

I enjoyed doing this course & I think the powerpoint summary at the end was great.

27 February 2014 09:02:45 PM

I found the course easy to understand and the quote were a nice touch.

27 February 2014 11:07:48 AM

I have found this course to be very easy to understand and helpful for someone just starting out in the field. Thank you

26 February 2014 11:29:18 AM

Very happy with the course, the modules are very user friendly, enjoy the way I can come and go as I please without having to redo the course from the beginning each time. Cheers

23 February 2014 09:24:02 AM

Thank you very much - This basic bookkeeping course has given me a better understanding of the basic skills and terminology associated with keeping true and accurate business records.

23 February 2014 07:04:47 AM

Enjoyed this course!

22 February 2014 06:31:34 AM

I found this course easy to use and read.

2 January 2014 06:20:55 PM


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